You’ll notice some dark caramel flavor with a very smooth mouth feel. It has a medium/mild acidity and a buttery thick body and a short (but sweet!) aftertaste.


Recommended roast: Medium


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The Zoom Doggy Take

I think I may have found my new favorite.  Every sip of this coffee makes me want to take another sip!  My first taste reminded me of a darkly simmered caramel, with just a hint of dark chocolate.  It’s a very smooth mouth feel that has a very subtle finish.


Where is this from?

This bean is from La Sajonia Estate, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  Right in the middle of the country.


The geek details (from our wholesaler):

The La Sajonia Estate was established by the Ortiz and Baltodano families in Nicaragua as a step towards reestablishing agricultural production in post Sandinista Nicaragua. This initial investment has allowed the estate to build nurseries for rust-resistant root stock, install processing infrasturcture, and provide the coffee-growing community with well-paid jobs, training, housing, schools and clinics. The philosophy behind this investment is to reap the benefits of professional management, a contented workforce, and improve the enviroment while producing quality coffee. The estate has taken steps to be more environmentally friendly, including recycling processing byproducts into alcohol as opposed to dumping them in the local waterways.


Processing : Washed
Drying : Sun dried on patios
Elevation : 1,400-1,500m
Varietals : Caturra, Catimor


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Roast Level

Light, Medium, Dark


1 Pound, 1/2 Pound