India Robusta


Earthy, grainy – a different taste for your buds.


Recommended roast: Medium or Dark


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The Zoom Doggy Take on Robusta

Robusta beans are a different variety of bean than you normally get.  Everyone nods when I say “arabica” beans – we all know those.  Sweet, floral, wine overtones with some fruit sometimes thrown in.  Robusta is different; it’s more grainy, earthy and peanut buttery.  It also has considerably more caffeine – sometimes twice the amount.  If you want a kick, these will kick way more than our other offerings.


Here’s a quote from one buyer about this bean from India: “This is so smooth without a bitter aftertaste.  I usually drink coffee with cream & sugar, but I drink this stuff black.  And I love the extra boost of energy over **insert-brand-name-coffee-here** coffee!”


If you like trying different things, are interested in tasting a different variety of bean, and are interested in a little extra kick – give this a try!


Where is this from?

These beans come from a variety of farms from across India.


The geek details:

  • “A” grade beans.
  • 17 screen size: this is the size of the holes used when screening the beans to ensure they are big enough.
  • Selected based on bean uniformity and excellent preparation.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Roast Level

Light, Medium, Dark


1 Pound, 1/2 Pound