Zoom Doggy Sample Pack


Makes a great gift for the the person who has everything!


For those ordering multiple sample packs: we’ll do our best, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll receive six unique coffees.


Price includes shipping!




Do you have commitment issues?  Or maybe you’ve wanted to try us out, but just didn’t know which coffee to get.  Which of our award winning (OK, it’s the best in our house), world-renowned coffees should you try? (Wait … WORLD?!?  Yes world!  Well…we have been consumed in Iceland – seriously.)  Or do you simply like having a little variety in your life?


This sample pack features three distinct single-origin beans from our inventory.  The selection depends on what we have in stock – think “daily catch” but for coffee.  We guarantee that you’ll enjoy every drop of magic that flows from these bags!


Each order will include three, 4 oz. bags of coffee – enough beans for a couple pots each of three unique specialty coffees.  And if that wasn’t exciting enough, you will also experience a little mystery with each order – the three coffees will be randomly selected by our esteemed staff! (That’s me…or Heather…or Max…or Maybe Ann.)


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Weight .75 lbs