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About Us

About Passion Transformed

Have you ever had a hobby that you really love? I mean really love?  For me, it’s coffee.  I like drinking good coffee, but I really love the process of making coffee.  And more than that, I really, really love sharing in the joy of those who have tasted what I’ve made.

As I look back, I remember…

…hovering over my little 1 lb. Behmor 1600 roaster in the (sometimes freezing, sometimes sweltering) garage – my index finger poised over the mouse button.  Waiting to hear those first few pops of the beans.  Music to my ears.

…watching the green, rock-hard pits soften through a beautiful tawny and into a dark caramel bean, calling out to be ground up and brewed.

…relishing the smell of the first dusty wafts of smoke transforming into the earthy immersion of my olfactory systems.

…WHOA!  …got lost there for a minute.  I’m back.

As I eventually roasted more coffee than one man could safely consume, I began giving it to friends as a gift.  Invariably, the recipient would say “Do you sell this – because I’d buy it!”

That’s how Zoom Doggy was born.

While the passion started as mine, I have plenty of company on this crazy journey.  The whole family is on board, and we all share the passion to provide fresh, micro-batch roasted coffee to those who love to drink it.  While I take my coffee craft seriously, I can’t say the same of myself.  I’m just a simple guy who likes to roast the pit of a coffee cherry into a form you can grind and drink.  If I can make people smile – or especially laugh – along the way, that works for me.

Thanks for taking time to learn about us.  Give our coffee a try – we’re convinced you won’t taste anything fresher from the store shelves!

Zoom Doggy Coffee Roasters

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